Yorktown Youth Soccer Club

Yorktown Soccer School Pre k Through 2nd Grade

Yorktown Soccer School Pre k Through 2nd Grade

Yorktown Floors Inc

(914) 207-1866


                      The YYSC SOCCER SCHOOL PROGRAM utilizes the concepts of micro soccer.  Micro soccer includes more touches on the ball for each player, allows all players to be involved,  goalkeepers are challenged more frequently, and players get to score more often. This creates excitement for the young player and develops them faster.  Coaches are encouraged to provide equal playing time for all players and create a fun environment.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade is not a drop off!

Director of soccer: Rick Romanski  (914) 214-81818 / rromanski@optonline.net

Head Referee: John Hayes (914) 907-4609

Commissioners/Field Marshals

Pre-kindergarten                               Ingrid O'sullivan    osullivanlawny@gmail.com    (914) 755-9333

Kindergarten:                                    Melissa Gentile      mgentile79@optonline.net    (914) 400- 4107
1st grade boys and girls                    Ingrid O'Sullivan     osullivanlawny@gmail.com    (914) 755-9333
2nd grade boys                                  Luigi Morfea           Lmorfea22@gmail.com        (646) 210-2847
2/3/4 grade g                                   Bill Woolard            billjwoolard@hotmail.com    (914) 671-7716
Boys 3/4/5                                       Rory Rosten             rorman15@gmail.com           (845) 405-9379
         6/7/8                                      Rory Rosten             rorman15@gmail.com           (845) 405-9379


• All divisions play 7 weeks each season (Fall: Sept-Nov / Spring: April-June)

• Every new player to the club will receive:

          a)  jersey  (replacement shorts $15/  jerseys $25)

          b)  YYSC soccer ball, size 3 or 4 depending on age group  (replacement balls $15)

          c)  YYSC Sports Bag for Players prek and up


All players are required to wear shinguards.  

Cleats are recommended.






4 times each summer the YYSC hosts a fun night of soccer.  THIS IS NOT A CLINIC. It is free.
Players from all age groups attend.  They play fun games organized by volunteer coaches and helpful parents.
Other volunteers are cooking and selling food and drink. Vendors, like RITA'S sell their product too.
The event is held at the Jack Devito Memorial field (YCCC) FROM 5:30 TO 8:00PM
Dates will be announced shortly!
EVERY CHILD SHOULD BRING A BALL...balls are not provided.
Parents should bring chairs, blankets, family, friends, coolers of food and drink if you do not want to buy food at the field.  You can relax and listen to LIVE music, workout around the track or just lay out on the grass and soak in the sun.  We want everyone to have fun.  Please join us.
(2.5- 3 YRS OLD ONLY) 
This is a new program. 
The clinic will run for 4 weeks in the fall 
The class will teach the basics of soccer.  Introduction to the ball, basic footskills and passing through fun games and activities. 
Program will run on Saturdays Mornings from 11:00-11:45
Location: Jack Devito Field (YCCC)
Price: $60

 BOYS and GIRLS league

  1. Practice & Game on Saturdays ( 40 minute practice / 40 minute game)
  2. Fee – $195 (fall 2019 and spring 2020)
  3. #3 ball  /  Small sided fields at YCCC (Jack Devito Memorial Field)
  4. Events – Meet the Coach Day (Sept.)

                               Picture Day (TBA)

                            Trophy day at 1st Wednesday Night Soccer of the Season

       5.  Players on field – 3 vs.3, No Goalie



BOYS and GIRLS League

  1. Practice/Games – Saturday 
  2. Fee – $195 (fall 2019 and spring 2020)
  3. #3 ball / small sided fields at YCCC (Jack Devito Memorial Field)
  4. Events –   Picture day (TBA)      

                             Trophy day at 1st Wednesday Night Soccer of the Season


     5. Players on field – 4 vs.4, no goalies




  1. Practices – one night during the week (1 hour)
  2. Games – Saturday (1 hour)
  3. Fee – $225  (Fall 2019- Spring 2020)
  4. Ball Size – #3 / small sided fields 
  5. Events –  Trophy day,  Picture Day (TBA)                            
  6. Player on the field 4 vs 4, plus goalie


  1. 4 players, plus a goal keeper
  2. small sided field
  3. #3 ball
  4. one practice each week (1 hour)
  5. game on Saturday or Sunday (2 x 25 minute halves)
  6. optional practice @ our ACADEMY on Friday nights


• No Jewelry, including earrings – no tape allowed to cover earrings

• No hard casts allowed

• Shinguards must be worn during all practices and games – no exceptions

• Shinguards must be worn under socks

• Cleats – highly recommended

• Sports glasses are recommended for players who wear glasses

• Uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times

• In inclement weather, long sleeve shirts may be worn under uniform; long pants may be worn under uniform

NO DOGS ALLOWED at any schools or parks.

You could be fined upwards of $250 if your dog defecates.

Follow the rules of the club, including the CODES OF CONDUCT for parents, coaches and players.
Refund Policy

• The registration fee, minus $75, will be refunded for requests postmarked before the first game of the season. No refunds will be made for requests made after the first game of the season.

• There are no refunds due to inclement weather.

• There will be a $50 late fee assessed to registrations after August 15th.

• Waitlist will begin July 1st. No requests honored if you are placed on the Waitlist.


A Refund Request Form must be completed and postmarked before the first game of the season in order to process refunds!


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