Yorktown Youth Soccer Club

Travel Tryouts

YYSC Travel Tryouts and Restructuring.

Birth years 2012 to 2002


If you love the game of soccer and want to play in a club with multiple levels of play this is the place to be !

We are committed to skill development.

We will teach all our players how to be disciplined, dedicated and nuture their creativity on the field.


Any questions regarding the tryouts, please reach out to our soccer office at 914-214-8118.


 All players must be registered by April1st 2019. Registrations after 4/1/19 will be $450.

Registrations after 5/1 will be $500.


Age   Date Time Location Register at:  

BU10 (2010)

 APRIL 6, 2019 8am-9:30 am Solaris Turf Register Here  

BU8 & BU9

(2012, 2011)

APRIL 6, 2019 9:30- 11:00 am Solaris Turf Register Here  
BU11 (2009) TBD     Register Here  
BU12 (2008) APRIL 6, 2019 11:00- 12:30 pm Solaris Turf Register Here  
BU13 (2007) TBD     Register Here  
BU14 (2006) TBD     Register Here  
BU15 (2005) TBD     Register Here  

BU15 (2005)



Register Here

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GU9 &GU10

(2011, 2010)

APRIL 14,2019 8:00-9:30 am Solaris Turf Register Here  
GU11 APRIL 14.2019 9:30-11 AM Solaris Turk Register Here  
GU12 APRIL 13, 2019 11-12:30 PM Solaris Turf Register Here  
GU13 TBD     Register Here  
GU14 TBD    

Register Here

GU15 TBD    

Register Here

GU16 TBD    

Register Here


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