The YORKTOWN YOUTH SOCCER CLUB SPORTS AWARD is awarded to as many as 4 High School Seniors per year who meet the following criteria. :

• “85+” student or higher
• Volunteering and giving back to the club
• Playing in the Club
• Refereeing in the club
• Training in the club

The High School SENIOR must also write an essay on “HOW THE SOCCER CLUB HAS INFLUENCED YOUR LIFE”

The essay must be a minimum of 500 words

If the SENIOR meets 3 of the 5 requirements above they will also be asked to come in and meet with the President of the YYSC and have a brief interview.

Based upon how many people apply for the award the soccer club will divide the scholarship award money between the receivers. If only one person is deemed to be eligible and is awarded the scholarship the maximum amount of the scholarship will be $2500. The maximum amount of scholarship money available per year will be $4000 and will be awarded to as many as 4 people per year

The candidate MUST be a High School Senior to apply and must have the intention of attending a College or University in the following fall.

Essay MUST be submitted by April 1st to yysc@verizon.net

Thomas R. Savoie Memorial Fund

Thomas Savoie was a long time member and friend of the Yorktown Youth Soccer Club whose hard work and dedication to youth referees and to the soccer community warrants a forever lasting memory. In perpetual recognition of Mr. Savoie’s service to the club the Thomas R. Savoie Memorial Fund will assist the Yorktown Youth Soccer club in recruiting, mentoring, developing and assisting youth referees. Funds may be used to purchase referee uniforms and equipment for YYSC referees. In addition, each year the fund will nominate a candidate to receive The Thomas R. Savoie Award of Excellence.

YYSC Club President
YYSC Treasurer
YYSC Head Referee

Thomas R. Savoie Memorial Award for Excellence

The Thomas R. Savoie Memorial fund is awarded to any male or female referee who has shown dedication and outstanding effort in helping to promote the art of refereeing within and outside the soccer club in the past year as a SENIOR. Working as a Referee, Volunteering and mentoring is also required. The max award for this scholarship is $1500. We will Award up to two referee’s each year.

NOTE: If only one person applies the scholarship can be increased if warranted.

Thomas R. Savoie Memorial Fund

Mr. Savoie was a successful patent attorney for The Philip Morris Company, a husband and father of three children. In addition, he contributed numerous volunteer hours to the club during the playing and referee days of his children in the 1980’s. Thereafter, and for over ten years after his children moved on to college Mr. Savoie served on the club’s Board of Directors as Head Referee. In this capacity Mr. Savoie recruited club youth referees and monitored their success. Mr. Savoie was a committed student of refereeing not only as a learned advocate of understanding the Laws of the Game but as a referee who dedicated himself to becoming better referee. Mr. Savoie contributed his club referee fees to support YYSC youth referees. At the annual general meeting in 1997, Mr. Savoie was awarded an outstanding service award from the club for his outstanding efforts. Unquestionably Mr. Savoie’s dedication, contributions and service to the Yorktown Youth Soccer and to the soccer community are paralleled by few, if any.

The recipient of the Thomas R. Savoie Memorial Award for Excellence will be a youth referee of good character who has achieved a high level of personal and / or academic achievement. The recipient must be a consistent and reliable contributor to the Yorktown Club or to the community. In addition, the recipient must have demonstrated a high level of interest and motivation to better himself or herself as a soccer referee in the past year. The standards needed to win this award are considered to be high and it is expected that in some years eligible candidates may not be identified. The recipient of the award must be a USSF certified referee and a Yorktown High School senior.

• Then you need to write an essay (500 words):

“How being a referee has influenced your life.”

Send essay into YYSC by May 20th:
1928 Commerce St
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598