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Linesman and Referee Program for Youth and Adults

A fun way to make money and stay in shape

Head Referee: John Hayes 907-7821 JJH23ROMA@GMAIL.COM

Assistant Referee: Sam Arno 522-7274 samarno25@gmail.com


Linesman program

This program was designed to help our young future referees become confident in their referee ability.  We place our linesman on very young games starting in our Bantam program (7-8 year olds).  In this division they are actually the referee and are in the middle of the field, not on the line.  The objective is to get them confident enough to blow their whistles when the ball goes in or out of bounds or when there is foul. 

In-house games (8-11) boys and girls provide an opportunity for our linesman and referees to run a three man system.  We will try to put all linesmen on the lines and our beginner referees in the center.  In most cases there will be a mentor in attendance to monitor their performance. These games are the gateway into the travel program.

Eligibility:  Child must be 12 years old

Uniform requirement: No uniform required / get a pinnie from a coach to wear.

Other equipment:   May be purchased at the soccer office          

                               2 whistles  /  red & yellow cards  /  flags  /  referee jersey if desired  /  pad & pencil

Fees: $10 for all  Bantam games whether you line or referee in middle.

Fees for In-house games:          linesman         referee

             Grade 1/2                                               $10

             Grade 3/4/5                        $10              $15

             Grade 6/7/8                        $12              $20

                  LDS                               $12              $32   

Referee Program

The referee program in Yorktown has a reputation of developing very confident and knowlegeable referees.  Many of our referees continue to referee well past thier days in the YYSC.  We take pride in our referee success.

Eligibility: Candidates must be:

                14yrs old in order to take the Grade 9 licensing course.

                15yrs old in order to take the Grade 8 licensing course.

Uniforms: Required. Referee kits are included in cost of referee liscensing courses.

Other equipment: Check the referee website to see all the options.

Fees: Determined by the leagues, NOT THE CLUB.

2017 Travel Fees:


u9/10                          42 / 21

u11/12                        47 / 24

u13/14                        57 / 29

u15/16                        71 / 36

u17/18/19                   81 / 41



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