Yorktown Youth Soccer Club

2019 Coach Responsibilities




You are required to notify the Club of any player who is

  1. not returning to the team
  2. missing multiple practices/games
  3. or any parental issues that may be banned from the field (behavior, Order of protection in place, etc)


All coaches are responsible for checking/printing their roster prior to Friday. Any one not listed on a roster by 3:00 pm Friday will not play! Coaches not listed on a roster by Friday may not coach!

Red/Yellow cards

Notify the office if any Player, Coach or Parent receives a card

Injury report (within 24 hrs)

Notify the office if there are any injuries to a player during a game or practice. An injury report must be filed. All leagues require an advance notice of injury. If there is medical attention required at a field, the office must be notified immediately.

Notify the office if there is an injury (off the field) to a player that restricts participation.

Once An injury report is filed, a Doctor’s note must be sent to the office before the player can return to soccer related activities.


Field/Goal Conditions

Please report the field or goal conditions needing attention such as a ripped net, a hole in field, tire tracks etc immediately to Al French (afrench@yysc1.net) and the office (yysc@verizon.net).


Groups not authorized to use fields

Please report to the office yysc@verizon.net and to Al French (afrench@yysc1.net) any group that is not authorized to be on a field.




Teams Borrowing Players- WYSL and East Hudson

All requests need to be approved by the office the Wednesday prior to the scheduled game. Teams with dual rostered players must consult the office and coach of origin.


Pay Period for Trainers

Trainers will be paid

10/14 and 11/17.

Checks will not be “on demand”


Referee pay Home Games

All trainers in East Hudson should have received referee fees for all home games.

EHYSL- Pay referee on field

WYSL- do not pay on field

NYCSL- You will be paid as per East Hudson, All games pay referee

EDP- You will be paid as per East Hudson, All games pay referee


Game Day reporting/Scores

It is your responsibility to send me the scores EVERY Sunday by 8 pm. Please text them to me at (914) 400-5104 or (914) 606-0065 and to Carrie at (914) 330-3500.

Game Report

All coaches are required to submit a game report, in writing, to the office addressing Field conditions, referee performance and any sportsmanship issues.


 Make up games/practices and Cancellations

The office (yysc@verizon.net) and Al French (afrench@yysc1.net) must be notified of any game and practice cancellations. All make up games must be scheduled through YYSC and  Al French. Do not take it upon yourself to cancel or move any practices or games.

All correspondence MUST include Al French and the Office. Please EMAIL requests- Do not text.



Granite Knolls

YYSC has limited practice time at Granite Knolls. No coach or representative of the club should be on Granite Knolls unless it is YOUR scheduled time. Any coach/team found on Granite Knolls that is not during scheduled time, will be suspended from coaching for 2 weeks.


Practice shirts/Coaches Shirts

All teams must wear their practice jerseys and all coaches must wear authorized Coaches gear



All spiritwear must be approved by the board! No exceptions

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