1st & 2nd Grade Practice Plan

Warm up
Inside Box (15×15) – performed every practice 5 minutes
· Right foot only
· Left foot only
· Toe taps
· Right foot – inside outside
· Left foot – inside outside
· Toe pushes
· Right foot only
· Left foot only
· Toe pull backs
· End drill any foot moves (slow – fast – change speed)

(Things to remind players change direction of movement, keep head
up, change speed, keep ball and touches close.)

Foot Skills – start with cut move into Matthews performed every
practice (5 minutes)
· Right out side cuts
· Left outside cuts
· Right inside cuts
· Left outside cuts
· Matthews fake left push right
· Matthews fake right push left

Foot Skill Games – choose one drill per practice (8-10 minutes)
· Sharks and Minnows
· Multiple small gates
· Partner – multiple small gates
· Rob the Bank
· Rob the Bank and steal from neighbor
· 1v1, 2v2, etc to small goals

Change speed and direction drill 5 minutes
· Small to large touches
· Touches to pull backs

Passing – start with line drills first move into one box drill (5
Line Drills (10 yard cone spacing)
· Line drill follow your pass
· Line drill redirect ball and follow your pass

Box Drill (10 yard cone spacing)
· Pass and follow your pass
· Check away
· Check forward
· Check two (2 passes)

Possession Drills (10 minutes)
· Simple keep away (5 passes give a point)
· Possession to end zones (one point passes or dribble is
controlled into end zone)
· Play with neutral players outside box

Finishing (5 minutes)
· X crossing passes
· 2 lines pass to coach

Scrimmage (Optional depending on time)